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Dual personality

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You may have noticed that my blogs have become less frequent in recent times.  Sorry about that!  It’s because I’ve been working hard with my new partners on The Compliance Alliance.

I have just posted a new blog on on the impacts of the new Alternative Dispute Resolution Regulations 2015 on IPs.

I will continue to use Insolvency Oracle to air the more controversial topics, especially where my personal opinion may not be shared by my partners! However, please do subscribe to if you want to catch our blog posts on technical developments for IPs.

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Message to Blog Followers: change in email notification

I hope that you have been finding some of my blog posts interesting… useful… or at least I hope they have contributed a little to your CPE/CPD quota!

You may have noticed that the email notification of a new blog post has changed: no longer will the emails provide the full posts, but only the first sentence or two. I have made this change at a reader’s request, so that mobiles are not clogged with lengthy emails. I hope that this change proves beneficial to others.

As previously mentioned, if you would like newsletters – I produce one every time I reach another ten posts – emailed to you for ease of reference, please let me know at

All the best


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Hello world!

Having experienced three months off work, I thought it was about time that I produced something to show for it… although what keeping-up-to-date I have been doing until now is pretty much old hat by now, I’m sure… and yes, I realise that my thinly-veiled attempt to present an image of past industriousness likely has failed.  You’re right, I’ve been enjoying a few months of insolvency detox and loving the absence of the alarm call and miserable daily train/tube commute, but now that I’ve started this I must do the work.

As “About” describes, I plan to put my surprise unemployment time to some use and share here news on insolvency developments – case law, consultations, etc. – in an attempt to keep my brain exercised and hopefully to provide a short-cut to the news for those who have little time for such things (ahh, I remember those days..!).

Unfortunately, I have chemo tomorrow, so I’m likely to be offline for a few days.  Then I’ll be back!