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Developments in UK insolvency by Michelle Butler

Appointment Statistics

The following graphs show the numbers of notices of appointment published in the Gazette on a weekly basis.  Therefore, they likely lag a week or so behind the actual dates of appointment.  The graphs are updated each week.

The figures for voluntary dissolutions (i.e. those initiated by the company) have been drawn from the Office for National Statistics (data released 1 Dec 22).  Formal insolvencies pale into insignificance against this population: there were over 300,000 voluntary dissolutions in the past 12 months.

Appointment numbers don’t yet appear to have recovered from the usual Christmas/New Year lull.  Setting that aside, CVL numbers seem to have levelled out but at a much larger volume than just before the pandemic.  Compulsories continue to be on an erratic upward trend and are now not far off pre-pandemic numbers.  Administrations are also continuing to creep up but are not at pre-pandemic level.

The Insolvency Service is also publishing monthly figures based on Companies House filings on the 15th day of each month.  These are available at