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Appointment Statistics

The following graphs show the numbers of notices of appointment published in the Gazette on a weekly basis.  Therefore, they likely lag a week or so behind the actual dates of appointment.  The vertical line shows the date that the UK went into lockdown.  The graphs will be updated each week.

On 15 May 2020, the Insolvency Service published monthly figures (to April) based on Companies House (  Curiously, these indicate that the numbers of CVLs (and ADMs, if you look at the data tables) generally flatlined through January to April 2020.  Of course, it is difficult to compare directly because, as mentioned above, the date that a Gazette notice is published may be a week or so after the actual appointment date, but nevertheless this is odd: as you can see below, the Gazette notices suggest a quite different picture!  Could it be that there have been problems publishing notices in the Gazette during lockdown?  Or perhaps during lockdown more Gazette notices combined a number of notices of appointment?  Odd!