Insolvency Oracle

Developments in UK insolvency by Michelle Butler

Compilation pdfs

I used to produce these pdf compilations especially for my contacts who were still wedded to paper.  Times have moved on now and, as WordPress has since added a great search function to this blog, I have decided not to continue to produce these compilations – sorry!  If you feel strongly that periodic compilations are useful, please do let me know at

Please note that these posts were compiled near to the original time of writing and therefore they do not contain all updates made to posts. This is particularly relevant as regards case law: whilst I have added updates on appeals (as far as I am aware of them) to the relevant blog posts, they are not included in these compilations.

Blog posts from 19 March 2014 to 6 July 2014: Insolvencyoracle Mar-14 to Jul-14

Blog posts from 27 December 2013 to 9 March 2014: Insolvencyoracle Dec-13 to Mar-14

Blog posts from 9 August to 4 December 2013: Insolvencyoracle Aug-13 to Dec 13

Blog posts from 22 May to 28 July 2013: Insolvencyoracle May-13 to July-13

Blog posts from 5 March to 9 May 2013: Insolvencyoracle Mar-13 to May-13

Blog posts from 20 December 2012 to 27 February 2013: Insolvencyoracle Dec 12-Feb 13

Blog posts from 25 October to 17 December 2012: Insolvencyoracle Oct-Dec 12

Blog posts from 23 August to 10 October 2012: Insolvencyoracle Aug-Oct 12

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